SKS Ventures

In 2017, SKS Ventures spin-off from the family office of HCP founding family to operate independently. SKS Ventures aims to bring positive revolution while supporting and empowering companies. Besides from scaling up, we also make the companies more structural in financial practice and corporate governance.


Is comprised of industry-specific experts that have the technical expertise as well as financial background serving as the firms’ investors.


SKS Ventures is a spin-out investment company focusing primarily on growth, expansion and mature stage private companies in Asia.

SKS Ventures

Who We Are

SKS Ventures is a spin-out investment company focusing primarily on growth, expansion and mature stage private companies in Asia.

We uncover value by identifying great companies and enhancing their performance by providing capital in multiple forms, consultation, operation & cost-down expertise, extensive network, and linking strategic partnership through our contacts and prior investments.

We know it is a long journey, so most of the members in our investment team have been entrepreneurs themselves before. Here at SKS, we are skilled at thinking from the perspective of the founder, rather than seeing things through the prism of their own expertise.

“The creation of SKS Ventures is similar to all other startups. We took a look at the current environment and uncovered demand for a new way to invest and support private companies, a way that can disrupt the current environment. The difference is that we are on the buy-side ecosystem changing from the top down:

Agile. There’s more than one way to do business, we work hard to find alternative solutions and add value by linking investments in different countries.

Speed. Make quick and decisive decisions. We don’t have layers of divided management.

Transparency. No bureaucracy. No internal politics. If the rule is broken, report.

Integrity. Most of us were once founders of our own businesses. We do what we say. We stand behind the companies, we back, and we act upon what we truly believe in.” – Kuei Chen, Co-founder & Partner

Our Philosophy:

“At SKS Ventures, we have a dedicated operations team like no other investment fund has ever seen. We have an ex-Coo that once managed thousands of employees and successful entrepreneurs who can provide insights in your industry. We find new distribution channels, ways to cut cost or increase productivity through multiple levels.” – Chung Yin Cheng, Partner of Operations

Traditional Value, Evolving Traditions:

“We have deep roots and traditional value, but we continuously adapt to changing needs.” – Jeff Chen, Founder & Board of Director