Financial Solutions

Our 3 active funds are dedicated to serve different industries, stages, and forms of capital.

Venture Capital (Growth stage)

US$1-3 million, minority stake

SKS Ventures

Who We Invest

The smart, the hungry, the persistent, the disruptive.

We are lucky to be approached by hundreds of companies a year. We pick only a handful of those crème de la crème ideas and assist them toward fruition.

We are also dedicated to helping them expand and reach their fullest potential.

SKS Ventures

What We Invest

By sharing our experiences, network, disciplined investing approach, we can minimize our investment risks.


Internet of Things, Healthcare & Biotech, Education, Manufacturing, eCommerce marketplace, Fund of Funds.

Private equity (Mature stage)

US$5-40 million (max US$100mn with leverage), controlling stake

Who We Invest

    • Players along the value chain of cosmetic AND packaging industries; to create a platform that provides one-stop service to clients large and small
    • Those who can benefit from our unparalleled combination of:

Operating capability –

The founding family that grew HCP into the world’s third largest cosmetic packaging manufacturer is personally involved in day-to-day operations post-investment. Former key staff such as production head and tooling expert has also re-joined the team

Industry network –

5 decades in the cosmetic packaging industry serving almost all top U.S., European and Japanese brands. Deep roots in China, stretching as far back as the 1980s

Why We Invest

    • Re-deploying our capital in the industry that we know best and continue to believe in; the HCP founding family is the anchor investor while other strategic and financial investors contribute over half of the fund on an aggregate basis

    • Packaging industry’s low cyclicality has been proven time and again during past recessions

    • Cosmetic industry’s total addressable market continues to expand, due to widening age group of customers, proliferation of social media and rising global income levels

    • Clear path to exit:

      • HCP’s sale to TPG started a deal frenzy with global PEs and strategic investors entering this attractive and fragmented industry